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The NexGen Board of Advisors (BoA) consists of an odd number of persons, between five to nine members, including representatives from the US, Lower Mekong Basin, and Friends of the Lower Mekong. BoA members are selected from diverse fields of expertise, but should have strong connections with the Mekong Basin, including prior or current work in the region. Selection of BoA members will occur through a joint decision between ASU and the U.S. Department of State. Following the first year of programming, alumni will be recruited to serve on the BoA.


The BoA has the following responsibilities: 

  • Meet twice per year (standing meeting) to review the program status and set goals.  

  • Evaluate and decide on funding activities. For example, approve whether a funding call should be issued to support a certain event (note that selecting awardees for the fund should be by a rotating committee, see below). 

  • Participate in ad-hoc meetings to address unanticipated issues. 

  • Approve the review panels for award decisions. 

  • Review panel will make recommendations to program director. 

  • Program director makes final decisions regarding host applications  

  • Host organization makes final decisions regarding participant applications  

Advise: Welcome
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