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Host a NexGen Mekong Scientist


The NexGen program is open for host participation by universities, private organizations and municipal, state and federal agencies within the United States, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam with mandates in Mekong River Basin research, policy, or management. 

Host institution must have established and ongoing research, policy, or program activity in the Mekong River Basin Host institutions are expected to, at a minimum, provide a realistic and relevant project, sufficient guidance/training to achieve the outlined project, and although not required, aid to the best of your ability in securing housing for the applicant if necessary. Hosts are not expected to cover financial costs associated with short-term fellowship, but are expected to cover costs associated with research projects (e.g., lab materials, program licenses, etc.). NexGen will fund costs associated with travel, accommodations and monthly stipends. NexGen will fund indirect costs of up to 15% if the indirect costs are needed to support NexGen fellows. 

Host Application Documents:


  • Host location, contact information, and physical location of fellowship. 

  • Names of fellowship supervisor(s).  

  • Point(s) of contact for NexGen, prospective fellows, and finalists 

  • Position description (not to exceed one page, single spaced). If selected as a participating host, this description will be made available as submitted to prospective fellowship applicants.​ 

  • Requested duration of fellowship. 

  • Proposed Budget, of which NexGen will cover roundtrip travel and associated costs, if necessary, and a livable monthly stipend.

  • Any supplemental material requested by host institution as a part of participant selection  

Applications are accepted bi-annually, due January and July 31st. Decisions will be announced within 4 weeks of deadlines. Please submit the above information as a pdf in an email to

Selection Criteria:  

  • The perceived quality and feasibility of the fellowship opportunity. 

  • The level of educational benefit for the fellow. 

  • The host agency previous experience (if any) working with interns, fellows or other mentoring/educational programs. 


NexGen review panelists and the program manager will review host applications against the above criteria and respond within 4 weeks of application deadline. NexGen has the right to decline host applications. 

Host: Get Involved
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